Project Info

  • Event: International MINI Dealer Experience
  • Date: February 2014
  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Target group: Dealer
  • Participants: 2.100
  • Used solution: TouchScope EventCentral


  • A digital solution to support the concept “Connectivity”
  • Display of event content, course of events and a travel guide for the event location
  • 7 languages
  • Push-Notifications
  • Group specific features
  • Gamification
  • Integration of the event pictures at the evening event
  • Only event related use, not open to public - not available in the app stores


TouchScope EventCentral was used as the communication tool pre-, during and post-event. The app was provided via a landing page and could be downloaded directly to the smartphone. After logging into the app the attendees had access to different content about the event. Depending on which group the attendee belonged to pre-defined agendas were shown. A contest was made available via an integrated game. All pictures that were taken during the event were collected on the server and were offered for printing at the evening event.


  • 61 % of the attendees downloaded and used the app
  • 1.432 photos were taken via the app
  • 2.492 participated in the game


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