Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Project Info

  • Event: Competitor Comparison Drive
  • Date: May – August 2014
  • Location: Muensingen, Germany
  • Target group: Sales force
  • Participants: 1.500
  • Used solution: TouchScope Assess


  • iPad-based TED solution with a guided tour feature in 18 languages
  • Vehicle evaluation based on a questionnaire for each exercise plus static comparison
  • Live analysis of results subsequent to the exercises for evaluations and discussions
  • Various filter possibilities


Use of TouchScope Assess for a fast and specific exercise assessment followed by an evaluation. All vehicles were equipped with an iPad and the pre-installed app. An overview of the route with security, driving and exercise instructions was provided via the app. After each exercise all participants were asked to provide a rating. At the end of the comparison drive all scores could be submitted to the server or reviewed one more time. Following the comparison drive the trainer was able to present, filter and discuss all provided results with the team.


  • Comparison of 5 vehicles
  • Drive and rate of 20 exercises
  • Exercises available in 18 languages for 32 markets
  • 3.115 ratings in total
  • Market and regional specific evaluations
  • Live evaluations and flexible filter possibilities of results were a basis for instant discussions


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