Project Info


  • Flexible presentation software to provide various media and content
  • Interactive interface to group various social media channels
  • Digital brochure to communicate the CAMS campaign


TouchScope Canvas was installed on seven touchscreens and over one hundred iPads. The colorful graphical user interface attracted clients and allowed self-service content exploration or helped the booth staff to engage with clients and business partners at the booth. TouchScope Feed was positioned in the networking area and motivated the visitors to participate in the social media activities. Via the TouchScope Reader the „Smarter Enterprise“ approach was communicated and advertised. The app was installed for self-service both on iPads and on touchscreens. Additionally the app and all created campaign materials were hosted on a landing page. From there the digital brochure could be directly downloaded on the iPad and could be used post-event.


  • 4.0 GB content was loaded in TouchScope Canvas
  • 47.000 views on YouTube
  • 87.900 reach on Facebook
  • 3.914 tweets on Twitter
  • 50.700 views on Flickr


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