Project Info

  • Event: Manufacturing Conference
  • Date: June 2014
  • Location: Greater Stuttgart area, Germany
  • Target group: Board members, CEO and top management
  • Participants: 660
  • Used solution: TouchScope EventCentral and TouchScope Radar


  • A digital solution to support the concept “Networking”
  • Panel discussion
  • Feedback form
  • Retrieval of information via a QR code following with a forwarding to email
  • Only event related use, not open to public - not available in the app stores
  • Visualization of movement / concentration of attendees via RFID


Use of TouchScope Radar as a tracking tool onsite and TouchScope EventCentral as a communication tool pre-, during and post-event. With the assistance of Bosch owned RFID systems and RFID chip badges onsite it was possible to capture the customers flow. These were evaluated in real time and shown on a screen. The attendees received push-notifications with recent agenda items such as departure time of transfers and start times of workshops via the event app. The chat feature not only enabled attendees to communicate with each other but also to participate in the panel discussion. The visitors were able to submit questions which were answered on stage.


  • 67 % of the attendees downloaded and used the app
  • 87 % use of the chat feature
  • 47 incoming questions for the panel discussions
  • 28.942 unique RFID scans


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