TouchScope Reader


The infusion of digital devices into everyday life means we all consume content and information in different ways and at different times. Print media is slowly being replaced by digital content designed for a variety of platforms and devices. This method of navigating and consuming content is fast becoming the norm in both our personal and professional lives.

Are you looking for an interactive and flexible solution to present content? Do you want to offer your clients up-to-date product information in a digital and downloadable form?

TouchScope Reader is an engaging and interactive solution for content presentation and storytelling.


  • Contemporary replacement of print materials / brochures
  • More flexibility and possibilities to update content (long-term savings)
  • Content exposure beyond the event
  • Possible linkage to further information and additional resources online


  • Publication of app in app store or hosted on a personalized landing page
  • Ability to apply regular updates
  • A range of animations and design options according to design and corporate identity
  • Portrait or landscape device screen format
  • Rich media content: PDFs, images, videos, websites

Use cases

  • Fixed info point with product information for self-service e.g. at exhibitions, in client centers, etc.
  • Standalone app / digital brochure to generate exposure
  • Self-service kiosk at events or trade shows
  • Sales enablement tool in client meetings to ensure sales teams have access to the latest content / media
  • Integrated into TouchScope Canvas to create a starting point for deep and content-driven presentations

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