TouchScope Radar


In the age of information overload the alignment of communication activities, product offerings and event content to customers needs is becoming increasingly relevant. Therefore it is essential for companies to detect and analyze changes in the market and within their target groups and co-coordinate marketing activities.

Are you looking for a flexible tool to track and analyze customer behavior and can adjust to future actions? Do you want more insights about the customer flow?

TouchScope Radar is a solution to improve data insights of event audiences via real-time tracking.


  • Client profiling
  • Personalized event experience
  • Agenda recommendations
  • Real-time visualization of customer flow


  • Availability of multiple tracking technologies: RFID / WIFI / iBeacon / Geo-fencing
  • Data output through dashboard or source files
  • Highly customizable interface according to event design or corporate identity

Use cases

  • Review of attendee focus
  • Event organization (esp. repeating events)