TouchScope EventCentral


The increasing reliance on smartphones and devices opens up new ways of customer communication. In particular in the event sector it is possible to interact with the audience pre-, during and post-event, learn about their needs and expectations, push content and information and gather feedback.

Are you looking for a contemporary and long-term communication channel to distribute event information and stay connected with your attendees? Do you need a tool to engage the audience in voting, polls, Q&As, ratings and communication with each other?

TouchScope EventCentral is a mobile app solution to enhance communication between attendees pre-, during and post-event.


  • Improved audience engagement and interaction pre, during and post event
  • Simplified communication of event information, agenda news and announcements
  • Social Media integration
  • Valuable insights based on user interactions


  • Available for iOS and Android
  • In-app chat
  • Agenda personalization
  • Featured topics
  • Speaker / Business partner profiles
  • Polling / Voting / Ratings
  • In-app metrics
  • And more

Use cases

  • Key communication channel pre-, during and post-event
  • Enablement of event surveys and analysis
  • Successful deployment of TouchScope EventCentral specifically on proprietary events

Engagement approach


  • Information about featured topics / agenda / speakers / venue
  • Push notifications such as announcements / countdown
  • In-App chat sets a shared agenda for the event and offers helpdesk functionality
  • Integration of aggregated social media channels to create awareness and get conversations started
  • Ability to personalize the agenda for the event based on individual interests


  • Agenda guide
  • In-App chat keeps the conversation going, connects audiences (clients, speakers, subject matter experts) and offers helpdesk as well as Q&A functionalities
  • Audience interactions via session polling functionality
  • Session and event surveys to gain attendee feedback and insights
  • Further exchange via integrated social media channels
  • In-App image library engages audiences to exchange personal event impressions


  • Push notifications to thank for attendance / summarize event / share onsite impressions / provide links to content
  • In-App chat to continue conversations / answer open questions / keep audiences connected (clients, speakers, subject matter experts)
  • Keep conversations going via social media channels




5.874/ Event


--.---/ Event
iOS & Android
Works offline
Event branding
Event agenda
Attendee profiles
Speaker profiles
Exhibitor profiles
Sponsor banners
Additional resources (PDF, URL, videos, images)
Registration within app
Attendee messaging
Personal agenda
Call from in-app
Real-time analytics
Onsite support (excl. travel expenses) * *
Remote support * *
Push-Notification *
Event / Session survey *
Session ratings *
Timeline (social media channels, local content) *
Q&A *
Voting & Polling *
UI rebranding *
Multilanguage *
Room capacity planning *
Help desk *
Universal app *
Personalized scheduling *
Attendee networking (address book, request for meeting) *
Social network sign-in *
Multievent *
iBeacons *
Gamification *

* = additional fee

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